Hi, I’m Sarah and I co-founded Geospiza because I truly believe that we can do better.  I’ve been an emergency manager since Hurricane Katrina devastated the Gulf South. 

One of the things I noticed is that too often, what we do in emergency management is based on gut instinct or “we’ve always done it this way." We try our hardest but time and resources are tight, the fog of war sets in, data is hard to make sense of, so we go to what we feel.  We know that there is more information OUT THERE somewhere. That if we could only access and make meaning of all of this “big data” we could better protect our communities. But it's really hard and there aren't great tools to make it so. 

We’re in an era of “evidence-based” practice. Evidence-based parenting, evidence-based dieting, evidence-based political campaigning...but what does it really mean?  As a mom and a SheEo and a citizen of a changing climate, it can feel really overwhelming.  How do you make sure that what you're doing is evidence-based, is the best you can possibly do? And I kept thinking, what can one person DO? I’m not Captain Planet, but I know I can do something. And I realized none of us can do it alone. It takes a team and it takes great tools. 

So this is my contribution, along with our amazing and talented team of developers and data scientists, emergency managers and innovators: Geospiza.  To help first responders, elected officials, emergency managers, and corporate leaders have the highest quality, most meaningful information so they can make the best decisions possible (evidence-based and data-driven!) to save lives and protect the environment.