Preparing Together: NLE 2018

FEMA kicked off its 2018 Whole Community National Level Exercise this week. Release the Atlantic Fury!

Every two years, FEMA partners with federal agencies, the private sector, and nonprofits to practice interagency preparation, response, and recovery capability for a selected catastrophic disaster scenario. This year, the two-week exercise is based upon a landfalling Atlantic Hurricane (and if you or someone you love is named Cora, congratulations!) and includes 15,000 participants and the 5 "affected" states.

We're proud to contribute to the Culture of Preparedness by bringing community vulnerability and coping capacity insights into the exercise. Our approach is to examine the key functions that help people weather disaster (ex. access to transportation, the ability to receive, understand and act upon communications), and to identify where these functional characteristics indicate a higher risk or increased vulnerability for a particular community.

When planners, officials, and responders better understand the challenges that individuals in the community face in coping with disaster, they can focus on directing resources to where they are needed most, and make a greater impact on resiliency.


To learn more about the congressionally-mandated national exercise cycle and how you can prepare for any type of natural or manmade disaster visit https://www.femagov/news-release/2018/04/30/fema-and-whole-community-participate-national-level-exercise-2018.

"Preparedness is everyone’s responsibility." - Brock Long, FEMA Administrator