Senior Developer

Boulder (February-May), Denver after


Who we are

Geospiza helps emergency managers and elected officials save lives in disaster by harnessing big data and translating it into forward leaning decision support. We’ve joined Techstars Boulder 2018 for their 3-month mentor-driven accelerator and are looking for a Senior Developer to join us for this journey and beyond.

This position offers an opportunity to be part of the Techstars journey, including lifelong network benefits, while doing work with a significant positive impact on communities. We’re working to radically transform the way emergency management is done to save lives, protect the environment, and enhance community resilience.

Mission-driven, venture-backed, saving lives.

What you will be working on

We’re living the Techstars motto “Do more faster” so your role will adapt as we discover the critical path of activities to take us to the next milestone.

You will predominantly be focused on developing an application from the ground up. In short, we have a Java backend that collects data from various sources, applies a series of algorithms, and displays the results in a React based frontend. Reach out, we’d love to talk more about what we are doing and where you might fit. We are still setting up core components of the infrastructure and would love some help in that area as well. No technology choices are set in stone. The only thing we know for sure is that we have interesting and hard problems that need creative and robust solutions. This is the gig you dreamt of while studying CS in college.

On a day-to-day basis you will:

  • Work closely with the founding team in defining, designing, and building our core product.

  • Shape product and development strategy and vision together with the founding team.

  • From now until May, engage with the Techstars network and our cohort companies. It’s going to be a wild, fantastically rewarding journey.


  • 5+ years' experience designing and implementing scalable projects in Java

  • Experience developing greenfield applications

  • A solid foundation in data structures, algorithms and system design

  • Proven experience working with javascript frameworks

  • Knowledge of web and internet fundamentals

  • Strong Java/Spring development and design experience

  • Excel in a fast paced agile development environment

  • Experience both consuming and producing REST APIs

  • Source control (GitHub, svn, etc)

  • Proficient with persistence stores: Relational, NoSQL, etc....

  • Demonstrable commitment to testing and automation

  • Experience with Agile SDLC

  • Articulate; excellent written and verbal communication skills

Bonus Points

  • Experience with multi-threaded, parallel processing

  • Experience with cloud computing platforms(AWS or others)

  • Big Data / Machine Learning

This role is for you if you:

  • Want your work to matter and truly affect the lives of people positively.

  • Are excited at the prospect of adapting to work on the things that move the dial for the company.

  • Are a keen problem solver - you enjoy thinking through complex product challenges and care about solving the right problem.

  • Take a strategic view to everything you do - your work stands the test of time.

  • Are well versed at working with discipline in your work to achieve the best outcome.

  • Have an appetite for the hard work and the incredible payoff joining an early stage startup can offer.

  • Are proactive, and you create and execute your own work without much direction.

  • Are self-motivating, self-aware, self-disciplined, and self-improving.


What you can expect

We’re building a deliberately developmental organization and believe that everyone in our company is equally valuable and has exponential potential. Our goal is to honor each person and actively facilitate their growth... every day. We have an informal, passionate, and respectful culture where you are given the trust and autonomy to do what you think is right for the company. We’re deeply committed to continuous improvement as a team and company, so everyone’s input and contribution to making the team better is highly valued.

Beyond that, we offer

  • Access to the network and events of one of the most established, successful, forward-thinking technology accelerators in the world - Techstars

  • Full benefits package including health insurance

  • Flexible working hours, post-TS location flexibility

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