In order to meet the needs of their communities, emergency managers, first responders, and elected officials, need a comprehensive, integrated, and real-time picture of the situation to inform warning, evacuation, rescue, and other key decisions and operations.

The information they need exists but is difficult to access and integrate, especially in time-pressured scenarios.

Geospiza is solving this problem by aggregating big data, including exponentially increasing sensor-based information, and transforming it into forward-leaning, evidence-based decision support.  



+ Dynamic dashboard

+ Map-based interface

+ Accessible and 508 compliant



+ More than 20 static datasets and live data streams, more added all the time 

+ Geographic scaling from the neighborhood to national level

+ Incorporate jurisdiction and enterprise specific data from flood sensors or security camera streams

+ Drag and drop output directly into THIRA, emergency management plans, and exercise documents



+ All-hazards and scenario-specific, current conditions or projections

+ National Incident Management System (NIMS) compliance and rooted in CPG-101

+ Automatic situation and decision alerts based upon changing conditions and pre-established thresholds  

+ Actionable output including geographic identification of high numbers and densities of especially vulnerable people and infrastructure 

+ Automated workflow, Incident Action Plan, and Concepts of Operation generation  



Our application turns the heaping data puzzle into the clear, comprehensive situational awareness first responders, emergency managers, and community leaders needs to save lives and protect the environment. 

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GEOSPIZA Dynamic is BETA TESTING and will launch winter 2017.

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