Geospiza's platform changes the way decisions are made before, during, and after a crisis. By integrating real-time IoT, big data, advanced analytics, and evidence-based consequence projections, Geospiza equips decision makers to protect their community's people, infrastructure, and environment.


Integrating IoT and Big Data AnalyTICS to revolutionize crisis and emergency management

Increasingly large static datasets and live data feeds, including those from the sensor-based IoT realm, provide a previously unimaginable opportunity to know the details of NOW. Accessing this information opens the door to advanced situational awareness and allows for the rapid adjustment of tactics and strategies as event changes occur.

Current approaches to crisis and emergency management are not working to reduce morbidity, mortality, property losses, and environmental damage. And the effects of climate change are leading to a changing pattern and intensity of hazards previously unseen, which creates evolving risk for communities and corporations.

The availability, granularity, and interchange of data is enormous. There is a significant opportunity to revolutionize disaster preparedness and operations. Instead of relying on static plans and passive information management systems, definitive, live data can be harnessed to generate outcome-oriented preparedness strategies and threat- and incident-driven decisions, protective actions, concepts of operation, and resource management approaches.

Preparing for an emergency is about more than exhaustive front-end analysis, conformance with best practices, and detailed documentation. Why? Because from the moment the plan is written, printed, and placed on the shelf - it’s outdated. Geospiza solves the complex equation of how to make smart, effective, and efficient decisions that reduce risk and enhance resilience for business operations, public safety organizations, and communities.