Our Team

 Sarah Tuneberg  CEO

Sarah Tuneberg



Geospiza Co-Founder and CEO, Sarah Tuneberg is passionate about harnessing data, analytics, and technology to solve complex challenges. After more than a decade in emergency management and public health, Sarah founded Geospiza to transform the way emergency management decisions are made.

Sarah leads our interdisciplinary team of problem solvers focused on developing data-driven, evidence-based solutions, models, and processes that reduce risk and enhance resilience, especially for the most vulnerable. 

Sarah holds a Bachelor of Social Work from the University of Georgia and a Master’s degree in Public Health from Tulane School of Public Health and Tropical Medicine.


 Craig Kalick  CTO

Craig Kalick



Craig Kalick is CTO and Co-Founder of Geospiza. He brings more than a decade of experience leading teams of engineers to solve complex problems across various industries and technologies. 

With a background in Economics, Computational Operations Research, Computer Science, Modeling and Simulation, and Data Analysis, Craig brings a broad skill set to Geospiza. He believes in the power of technology to be a transformative force in the world and to create better lives for the people in it.


Shawn Savageau

Software Engineer


Shawn Savageau is a talented software engineer with expertise in front-end development. After receiving his M.A. in Music Performance, he taught himself to program and now brings a degree of detail and craftsmanship to projects formerly known only to classically trained musicians. In Shawn's natural habitat, he can be found hammering computer shortcuts into a mechanical keyboard and wearing over-sized, high fidelity headphones while sipping what many consider to be too much coffee. He believes that technology can be used to changes our lives for the better and hopes to be a part of an effort that counts.


 Rachel Weston Rowell   Advisor

Rachel Weston Rowell 



Rachel Weston Rowell champions the development and growth of people and organizations by shining a light on opportunities in ways that motivate and inspire. Her passion lies in helping organizations engage and scale so that they not only survive but thrive in their market. She coaches executives and leaders on developing their organizational capabilities to rapidly learn, respond, and change. More than 15 years of immersion in different coaching engagements across various industries gives Rachel plenty of experience to pull from in helping companies find the right path. As a regular performer in an improv comedy group, she has learned, and taught us all, how to say “Yes, and” to any situation.


 Dan Lester  Software Engineer  

Dan Lester

Software Engineer  


With an MS in GIS, a BA in Geology, 7 years in the spatial insight industry, and previous experience in the start-up world, Dan Lester brings a seasoned perspective to Geospiza.

When not developing the software that keeps Geospiza pushing the boundaries of insight, Dan can be found skiing, biking, gaming, or spending quality time with his lovely wife and his dog, Montee.


 Baxter Cochennet   Director of Finance & Operations

Baxter Cochennet 

Director of Finance & Operations


Aspiring artist turned CPA, Baxter Cochennet traded in his sketchbook for a 10 Key but has always had an entrepreneurial spirit and interest in finding creative solutions to complex problems. Seeking diverse experiences, Baxter left the Audit field to pursue an international opportunity developing and coaching colleagues in India, which ultimately led to a product development role building enterprise solutions.

Baxter is excited to leverage his financial acumen, organizational discipline, and passion for developing creative solutions to help grow and scale Geospiza to enable game-changing advances in emergency management and disaster response. 



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