Geospiza Snapshots 12 Threat/Hazard Bundle

Geospiza Snapshots 12 Threat/Hazard Bundle


Each Snapshot includes a series of data tables and maps showing the number and density of most vulnerable individuals by neighborhood within a U.S. city. Insights are provided about vulnerability related to:

  • Communications

  • Self-care

  • Transportation

  • Exposure

  • Susceptibility

Snapshots are generated by integrated multiple data sources and applying a series of algorithms to determine the number of individuals especially vulnerable to each scenario overall and by insight.

This package includes all 12 Threat/Hazard Scenarios for a single City of interest: 

  • All-hazards
  • Earthquake
  • Flood, flash flood, tidal surge
  • Drought
  • Winter storm (snow, ice, sleet, arctic freeze)
  • Tropical cyclone/Hurricane
  • Extreme temperatures (heat)
  • Extreme temperatures (cold)
  • Pandemic
  • Hazardous materials spill or release
  • Radiological Dispersion
  • Utility failure
  • Cyber security breach

You will be receive a series of maps and tables, 6-12 of each depending on the scenario.

Delivered via a single .csv files, each Snapshot is designed to be used within multiple programs or easily dragged and dropped into Threat Hazard Identification and Risk Assessments (THIRAs), emergency operations plans, exercise documents, and other planning materials.


When hazards and vulnerable populations intersect, the level of risk increases. Understanding population vulnerability allows planners and emergency manager to quantify risk, prioritize preparedness and risk-reduction interventions, and conduct effective and efficient response and recovery activities.

Snapshots provide emergency managers, city planners, and other key stakeholders with comprehensive insight into community vulnerability.

For additional information regarding Snapshots, contact us! We’d love to demo the product and answer any questions you might have!